Meet Shahirah, co-founder of finch



Shahirah is the creative brains behind Finch, the financial app for your social life! 

We welcomed Shahirah and the Finch team to One Roof in 2017. The same year that they raised one of the biggest Fintech seed rounds in several years: $2.25m in only 6 weeks and just a couple of months after their launch! 

When she’s not leading marketing, analytics or healthkicks at Finch, Shahirah is also the Head of PR at Girls in Tech Australia, where she champions women in STEM and entrepreneurship. 

In her spare time you'll find her taking beach trips with friends, taking in the fresh air on a hike or practicing her yoga to unplugg from her busy work life!

Tell us about Finch and why you started your business?

 Finch is Australia's fastest growing 'financial app for your social life', that lets you pay or request money from friends instantly and FREE without BSBs, run group tabs to track shared expenses and settle later (think house mates or travel mates), split bills, and track your social spending.

I started Finch because I believe in a behavioural approach to finance - meeting millennials at their current behaviours today around socialising and providing actionable insights to help them achieve their financial goals tomorrow.


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Do you have any exciting news or updates to share about Finch?

We're excited to announce that all transactions on Finch are now FREE. That means you can pay friends, run group tabs, and split bills and pay zero fees when you sign up with your debit card!

What's your tip for someone starting a business?

Go all in! There's nothing more terrifying and empowering than putting everything on the line to see what really you're made of.

Life motto: How you do anything is how you do everything.

Want more of Shahirah? 

Check out why she loves working from a co-working office below or find her on socials here: @finchapp or download the app to see what it's all about here.