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Rave Reviews for One Roof!

Being involved with One Roof is an incredible opportunity that I truly treasure. Not only do I love Sheree and her support, but I swear every time I spend time in the One Roof space, I leave with a new client! I’m not kidding... 60% of my current clients I have met while sharing a wine at a One Roof event. To be surrounded by like-minded beautiful women in such a nurturing and supportive space is invaluable. Member for life!”
I have even written a blog post about it
— Tonielle Purdy, Founder of For Good Studio
I have worked in numerous co-working spaces over the past few years, but none have come close to my experience at One Roof. Sheree has created a community that is more than just a place to work. One Roof brings together like minded women who all share a passion to collaborate and use their knowledge to help others achieve their goals. Through working at the space, I have managed to build relationships and access a large network of business support resources. This includes mentorship and valuable business partnerships. Participating in the One Roof events and listening to others share their business challenges has enhanced my skills in problem solving and in turn, contributed to the growth of my own business.
— Jenna Cohen, Account Director at JOOR
Working from a traditional ‘death by cubicle’ office was not an option for me, and when I found out about One Roof, I was very excited, with high expectations. The warm, welcoming, beautiful atmosphere at One Roof has blown me away and I absolutely love working from there! The founders were kind enough to let DCC host our Melbourne meetup from the City Road space even before its launch, for which we are very grateful! Valeria Ignatieva, Co-founder of Diverse City Careers
With half of my work done from home, I was looking to be part of a community and work among other like-minded people. One Roof provides a cosy home away from home to work. Sheree is open and generous with the space, facilities (and food!) and I love the idea of women uniting in the space to work together and bond at the various events.
— Aimee Harel, Freelance Copywriter
We decided on One Roof as the venue for our brand strategy day and I was so happy we did. The space was inviting, warm and relaxing. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working in a space that was not stuffy and corporate – and this set the mood and tone for the whole day. Sheree arranged for us to have all the necessary items (whiteboard, projector, high speed internet etc) which allowed us to have a productive day. I will definitely be using and recommending the One Roof co-working space to my colleagues at L’Oreal.
— Erin Heilbrunn, Assistant Product Manager, Shu Uemura Art of Hair, L’Oreal Australia
What Sheree has created here is a space that inspires you to be more productive. It’s an environment that’s hard to describe if you haven’t been there. The atmosphere, the people, the events all contribute to helping you thrive. Definitely check it out if you are in the area!
— Tina May, Co-founder at Institute of Code
Brilliant concept. Brilliant women. Brilliant opportunities all the time when working here through serendipitous collusions with creative women.
— Dr Elise Bailylew, Founder of Mindful in May a global mindfulness campaign
I came to Sheree with a great deal of ambition but no sense of direction on where to start. I always have a million ideas but lost focus due to self doubt. Sheree was easy to talk to and shared my excitement. After an hour, I had a new vision for my future and a sense of limitless potential thanks to Sheree. Now instead of just dreaming about starting my own business, I’m actually doing it.
— Ana Sofia Costa, Founder, Soulmates
One Roof is a little creative nirvana buzzing with ideas and smarts. I thoroughly enjoyed the day spent with One Roof women and found the workshop experience a lot of fun with some valuable take-aways from the styling workshop and discussions. Thank you Sheree and Lauren for the warm welcome and for having everything run so smoothly.
— Beth Barrett, Freelance Copywriter, Link Me In
I’ve loved working at One Roof Women, because it is a space for change makers and it empowers women to be at the forefront of social change. I also love working in a co-working space designed and catered just for amazing women in business.
— Sonya Stattmann, Champion for Women in Business
One Roof is an invaluable asset to me as a small business owner/ entrepreneur. It’s a fantastic home base for me to make my big dreams a reality as I’m most productive when I’m working at a One Roof desk. The meeting rooms are fantastic and networking with the community is addictive. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring but none more so than Sheree. Since the very first handshake her passion has been invaluable to my progression as an entrepreneur and her unwavering support helps me believe in myself and take bigger steps in building my empire. The magical atmosphere Gianna and Sheree have created is a testament to their passion for women in business Lauren Brown, Founder of Lollaby: coaching & mentoring the next generation of nannies

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