What is coworking?

Coworking is the use of a working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, allowing people to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. One Roof focuses on ensuring we support women’s unique challenges in business and offers tailored business support, expert access, workshops, curated connections and community.

What is One Roof?

One Roof is Australia’s leading co working space dedicated to women-led businesses. Based in Southbank, One Roof is home to 85 women-led businesses as well as the go-to venue for events focused on women and girls in business, leadership and entrepreneurship. When you become a member of One Roof you join an entire community and the friendly staff take time to know you and your business needs and ensure you have everything you need to thrive under one roof. 

Having your office outside of your home can promote work/life balance, by creating a clear distinction between the two so you’re not working away 24/7. It can also help by removing the distractions of doing your washing during the workday! Many people find working at home can be isolating but working from One Roof ensures you are surrounded by like minded people. With a diverse member group, there’s always some one to ask for a different perspective or to share ideas. We offer many practical perks such as concierge service so that your mail and meetings are handled at reception. In addition you don’t need to pay for fixed costs (furniture, printer, scanner etc).

Why cowork when I can work from home?

Where are you located?

One Roof is located at 77-81 City Road in Southbank, Melbourne. We are just a 5 minute walk from Flinders St Station across the bridge.

No. One Roof is female centric. 95% of the businesses are female led or female founded, any exceptions to this subscribe very closely to our values. We know women co-found, employ and collaborate with men. So whilst we exist to support the unique challenges women face in business and close the gender gap, we know men are an important part of that conversation.

Is One Roof female only?

One Roof is open from 9am-6pm Monday through Friday, however we offer membership options that extend those hours to be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When are you open?

We are a very flexible workspace and have children attend many of our events. Whilst we would love to be a childcare provider also, we are yet to offer this in our current space (stay tuned!) so at this time we don’t have facilities that cater to this.

Can I bring my kids to One Roof?

We do allow dogs at One Roof but they are required to complete a trial period. Most of our dogs are smaller and quiet so they don’t disrupt work.

Can I bring my dog to One Roof?

Absolutely. Check our membership page for details.

Can I use One Roof as my business address?

Simply book in a free week trial here.

How do I come and Check OUt One Roof?

Book in a free trial week here and we will take it from there! You can check out our membership options here.

How do I become a member?

Flexible and Dedicated memberships are month to month and Office space is a minimum 6 month commitment.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Virtual membership provides you with a business address, curated connections, membership perks and access to discounted venue hire without the physical office.

What is Virtual Membership?

One Roof operates on mutual respect. You can take short calls at your desk but if it is private or extended please use one of the meeting rooms provided, or a common area away from work desks such as the kitchen.

Can I talk on the phone at my desk?

Direct debit, Mastercard, VISA or AMEX

What payment methods do you accept?

No, we can pro rata your membership for that month to be the day you start rather than the beginning of your month. No need to wait, come on in.

Should I wait until The 1st to Join?