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Wine & Whiteboards

  • One Roof Women 77-79 City Road Southbank, VIC, 3006 Australia (map)

We believe the world of tomorrow is going to fundamentally shift due to the rapid growth rate of automation and technology which has fast tracked globalisation. We are fascinated in what this means on an economic, environmental and sociological level and coming to some idea as to what opportunities and impacts this will have on all of us in the context of work and life. Do you have an insatiable curiosity gene to understand more? Wine & Whiteboards is for those wanting to explore what change may look like, the opportunities it brings and the challenges it will create for our everyday lives. We love to search problems, unknowns and devise possible solutions for de-risking and positively impacting our future in creative ways that hopefully brings more enjoyment in what we do Who knows where it could lead and who you might meet..or what crazy concept you will pull out of it that will be a dinner conversation topic for weeks.

Tell Me More...

Wine & Whiteboards is a little passion of ours that has evolved from ones love of talking, wine and fun in challenging the norm and finding solutions to problems that either exist or are have yet even occurred. We get together, drink, chat, joke and somehow manage to manoeuvre the conversation into some logical pathway on a whiteboard...who would have thought! Typically (but no guarantee) discussions end up focusing on the impacts of one or two social or business issues with the challenge of the night being set in finding possible solutions (or a path for further investigation/research). It’s ideation (and random exploration, sharing of knowledge and stories) at it’s best fuelled by wine (and bad jokes)…which seems to help the ideas get better (or leading you down paths that you never thought relevant). We have found that having diversity in the room creates highly stimulating conversation, greater randomness, creative problem solving and even possibly new ideas to think about for another day!

What Will We Discuss?

As part of your ticket registration you will need to provide either a topic you are personally passionate about or a current problem that annoys you. We will vote on the night on the top 3 topics for further exploration based on majority rules. The catch is you have one vote and you can't vote for your own topic. Some of our past topics have included how we better integrate refugees into our society, the impacts of Air BNB on local communities, the miscommunication between men and women, the future of work and how it will change our lives.

What's In It For Me?

Our purpose is to connect curious minds through a unique and collaborative experience. The benefits for you are as wide reaching as you wish to explore including new connections, business or social concepts, awareness of different perspectives and just something fun to do with your time. Who knows, you might end up buying a whiteboard for your living room as well..

What Do I Need To Bring?

A bottle of your favourite wine (or your favourite poison) from somewhere interesting (its always a conversation starter!) and a head that is ready to brainstorm, solve problems (and big bag of random creativity...after all it's all about looking at things of all kinds from different angles.)

Nibbles will be provided.

Earlier Event: February 24
Later Event: February 26