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Workshop: A Story of Discovering Unique Beauty through song

  • Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre 251 Faraday Street Carlton, VIC 3053 Australia (map)

Do these narratives sound familiar to you?

  • “Why did she pick me to lead this project, I don’t think I am experienced enough for this“

  • "OMG I sound so stupid just now in front of that guy, I wish I didn't say that, I'll try not to speak up again."

  • “No wonder I didn't get enough LIKES in this photo, my god, I look soooo chubby.”

You are at times very harsh on yourself, aren’t you? Indeed, we all do that. We live our lives through the creation and exchange of narratives which told by others and by ourselves. When your judgemental inner voices take over, you disconnect with your unique beauty -the good in you.

Research suggested that there are ways to engage with these inner voices more effectively so that you are able to respond more meaningfully to the world within and outside you.

About this workshop

Our StoryArtist Sherry-Rose Bih Watts, shares her experience of being a young woman finding a means of self-expression and beating moments of self-doubt through song.

Through hearing her story and singing this song together, join her and Chief Story Hunter Christine Yeung to gain new insights about your narratives that you have been telling yourself. We will also explore strategies to get unstuck with these judgemental inner voices and learn to get-back-in-touch with your good within you.

You will take away a self-love pack which included tips and goodies that are handmade with love from us to you.

About Sherry-Rose Bih Watts, StoryArtist

Sherry-Rose is a young woman currently studying a Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University. With an intense love of life fuelled by her passion for people, music and the empowerment of women and girls,

Sherry-Rose is always seeking new and engaging ways to experience, blend and share with others. She has worked and volunteered in a number of roles including being a peer educator on the issue of forced marriage with Red Cross Australia, a Youth Activist with Plan International Australia as part of their Because I Am A Girl campaign and is currently a Shout Out Speaker with Centre for Multicultural Youth and a Brimbank Youth Ambassador.

Inspired by her experiences and personal self –love journey, as a performer and singer-songwriter Sherry-Rose loves to weave tales and lessons through music to be shared with diverse audiences.

About Christine Yeung, Chief Story Hunter

Christine is passionate in capturing beauty in others, nurturing potentials and holding a space for people to grow through a journey of self-discovery, one heart one step at a time.

She is a qualified psychologist who has a decade of experiences in working with various organisations including private, not-for-profit and government departments. She brings a wealth of knowledge in coaching, designing and implementing sustainable people solutions which aim to accelerate organisations’ performance and most importantly to develop healthier, happier and fairer Australian workplaces.

She is a mentor to many young people and has inspired many in a myriad of ways. She is an insightful speaker at universities, community and professional panel events. She regularly speaks to share her insights in psychology to support the development of strengths and capabilities in individuals.

Through connecting many individuals at a deeper level through coaching and mentoring, she becomes a firm believer in the power of human beings that each of us has the magical key to discover our own unique strengths.


About our workshop

Our workshops are co-designed by psychologists, learning and development professionals and StoryArtists. Workshop’s materials are supported by evidence-based approach to psychology. Apart from engaging you directly in the creative art process, our workshops also include a mix of interactive group activities, reflection and discussions in order to cultivate the most supportive environment and maximise workshop experiences.

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