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Your Critical Starting Point To Health In Today's World

  • One Roof Women 77-79 City Road Southbank, VIC, 3006 Australia (map)

This will be an epic evening of inspirational information delivered in a relatable way to people living in the modern world. Expect lots of interaction, an incredible panel of speakers giving you some amazing insights, questions and talks to challenge your thinking and guide you toward a new approach, and some goodies to take home and give you the boost you need.

This will be an evening that will do so much more than simply change your day, we are here to change your life and propel you towards achieving your dreams.

We have an incredible line-up of speakers to challenge your thinking and bring you a new world of knowledge, including;

Dylan Rubinstein

Host and founder of The Health Goal

Dylan has set about changing the way health content is delivered to people living in the real world. He has made it his mission to bring information to people in a way that is relatable and effective, considering their all encompassing careers, limited timeframe and budget.

Dylan has been an exercise and lifestyle coach for the last seven years and his passion has seen his attention drawn towards courses on movement, mobility, lifestyle modification, health and mindset coaching. Having excelled over the years in areas including strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, movement training and gymnastics strength, Dylan takes a holistic approach to his clients to free them from pain, improve their movement and evolve their level of health.

A law graduate with experience in the business world, Dylan has taken his ability to synthesize complex and varied information and applied it to all he has learned in the health and fitness industry. 

Nathan Flynn

Nathan is a veteran in the fitness industry with 15 years experience.

He owns a gym in Brighton with his wife Priscilla, named In2great Fitness. Nathan utilizes the extreme power of movement in helping people live a healthier life, with a key focus on fascial freeing, mobilization and some simple movement patterns to challenge and change the body. 

Nathan is a facilitator for the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers in Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness. He is a presenter and co-author (with Priscilla) of a Myofascial Release course for PT’s and has also mentored hundreds of personal trainers through group and individualized mentoring programs.

Kirsty McDaide

Kirsty has been a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach for more than 10 years.

With raising the bar of the industry at the forefront of her mind, Kirsty has left no stone unturned in her pursuit of knowledge on the intricate workings of the body to help create the best version of ourselves, inside and out. Combining tailored training with in depth lifestyle and mindset coaching, she achieves life altering changes with her clients they didn't believe possible.

Kirsty has travelled around Australia and the world in order to continue her studies with the best in the business, inclduing the C.H.E.K institute over the last couple of years. She is constantly motivated by taking herself, clients, and those she meets along the way to the next level of health and wellbeing.

Paris Little

Paris, founder of Praxis athletics, holds a unique notoriety within the fitness industry through his approach to strength coaching.

With over a decade of experience in the worlds of strength and conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, Crossfit, gymnastics and yoga, Paris has revolutionised training for every individual and athlete he has mentored. His approach is based on the simple theory of earning progressions of strength, power, movement and athleticism through grit and dedication.

Recently, Paris developed the performance program for the inaugural 2016 ‘Aussie Throwdown’ that saw acclaimed athletes from across Australia test their strength, stamina and skill within the Crossfit Discipline.

Praxis Athletic is based in the heart of Windsor, Victoria.