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1902 CLUB: A discussion on Women & Money

  • One Roof Women 77-79 City Road Southbank, VIC, 3006 Australia (map)

1902 Club is an intimate monthly event that gives women the opportunity to have real discussions about topics that matter to us. This month’s topic is Women & Money. 

What most people don't talk about is the psychological, emotional and cultural influences that get in the way of us receiving a better salary, setting better boundaries and having a healthy relationship with money. 

Over the last 17 years of working with women, Sonya Stattmann, Success Strategist for Women in Business, has seen a lot of patterns that reflect these hidden influences. Here are just a few:

- Women have internalised the gender gap and the way we have been undervalued in the home and workplace for centuries

- Women often feel their feminine gifts are not worthy of a price tag 

- Women often put their head down and just get shit done instead of complaining, fighting or rocking the boat

- Women struggle more to set boundaries and ask for what they want

- Women feel uncomfortable talking about money

- Women will pay everyone else before they pay themselves

- Women often feel they have to give up financial security to obtain flexibility and freedom

- Women typically over deliver and undervalue their time and energy 

These patterns can subtly weave through every fabric of women's lives. 

Sonya Stattmann will be facilitating an intimate discussion on women, money and value. She has learned over the years that the best way to shift how we perceive money and our value is to have a conversation around it. 

We would love for you to join us!