What to look for when you’re searching for the perfect co-working space in Melbourne

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Moving up from the home-office into a co-working space is a big step, and one worth taking. But as with any move, doing your homework on the kind of community and space you’re set to move into, will help in the long run. 

Some co-working spaces are designed specifically for tech-based businesses, some are designed for purpose-driven start-ups, and some are just desks in a building with WIFI.

Whatever kind of business you’re running, it’s important to write a ‘must have’ list of features and benefits before you start hunting for the perfect space to move into. 

The top three things to look for in a co-working space are:

  • A good community. It’s a word that is used frequently in co-working, but very few co-working spaces actually have a real community. So, how do you find out if a co-working space has a good community? Ask its members. Do a free trial and speak with the people who spend five of their seven weekdays there. Check for Facebook reviews. Look on Google for feedback. Search for member-only events. It’s important to do your homework on the kind of people you’ll be around and the kind of environment you’ll be working in. And before you shrug it off, a good ‘community’ is a co-working essential, because you don’t know you need one, until you need one. 

  • Must-haves. It’s 2019 and WIFI is a given, but not all internet connections are created equal. Before you enter in a co-working agreement and move in, do your homework about internet speeds, download and upload rates, printing availability, Skype rooms, and any technology you need to run your business. If you need 24 hour access, make sure you’re going to get it, or, if you need a shower on site because you want to ride to work, make sure there’s one available. Write your ‘must-haves’ list out before you start looking, and you’ll save time weighing up co-working spaces that don’t meet your needs.

  • Business support. Very few co-working spaces in Melbourne come with the added benefits of business support, but One Roof is one of them. Our members have access to a private members portal, connecting them with industry experts, investors and business support for legal, accounting and marketing assistance. Our Founder, Sheree, is a big supporter of women in business, and she’s been there and done that. If Sheree can help, she will. If she can’t, the One Roof team will know someone else to connect you with. 

Try One Roof for one week for free and meet our members and test our internet, to see for yourself why One Roof is Melbourne’s best co-working space for women-led businesses. Oh, and we’re dog-friendly too! 

This blog was written by the incredible and talented Claire Goldsworthy, Founder of The Fashion Advocate.

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