What Does Flexibility in Business Mean to You?

It is predicted that in the USA by 2020 more than 40% of the American workforce will be independent workers, this includes freelancers, contractors and temporary employees. Australia is demonstrating similar trends. The demand for flexible working has increased by 21 per cent in Australia and employees list flexible work arrangements as one of their three top priorities.

This is the rapidly changing landscape of the way we work. 


We want the freedom and flexibility to choose when and where we work. 

For me personally, flexibility is being able to envision something great, something you are passionate about and then being able to make it happen on your own terms. Essentially that's how One Roof came about, to become a place that entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals could build their visions and dreams within an ecosystem that fosters and supports these flexible working lifestyles. 

This is why co-working is on the rise. Co-working has grown by 300% in Australia since 2013 and by 62% in the last year. We all want a fun and inspiring work environment, to be surrounded by a supportive community and the flexibility to choose how we work.  


We are also noticing the impact that the 'gig, freelancer and flexible' economy is having for women. Hilary Clinton stated in one of her speeches: "This on-demand, or so-called 'Gig Economy' is creating exciting economies and unleashing innovation. It is also unleashing a third path for mums - and others - who want to 'have it all.' The gig economy gives ambitious, career-driven mothers a new path to sidestep the fork in the road and blaze their own trail; a trail that can lead to professional fulfilment, personal satisfaction and work-life balance created on one's own terms"

Even though, we all know just how hard, risky and demanding it truly is to start and build a successful business, Hilary is spot on in that entrepreneurship and the freelancer economy allows us to create a work culture in our own terms.

In the last three months at One Roof we have seen an increase in our flexible memberships alone of 35% 

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We asked some of our members what flexibility means to them.

"As a business owner, flexibility means the freedom to make decisions and do things on my own time. By no means is that a walk in the park though. It means discipline in self-management to make sure that I'm waking up every morning and maximising that time to make the biggest impact each and every day. But if I decide to go for a run with my dog before I get into the office or be there for a loved one, I have the flexibility to make that decision and that's really important to me".  Ayla View, Co-Founder of ThemeBoy; Wordpress plugins for sporting clubs and Wedsites; digital wedding planning platform. 


How does a co-working space such as One Roof support flexibility for you?

"It sounds lame, but the vibe of the place helps. I'm very conscious of not perpetuating the habits I left behind in the corporate world, and the relaxed atmosphere at One Roof helps to foster the more informal environment I want to create for my business. Being around like-minded people striving to create similar flexibility in their businesses also ensures that things don't get too 'stuffy' and formal." Dana Rochwerger, Business Director at Artefact; global marketing agency. 


If you have been thinking about signing up to a co-working space and trying out this "remote" or "flexible" working thing, we encourage you to sign up for a one week free pass at One Roof. This is a great opportunity to shake up your usual routine, get out of your head, meet new people and see what it's like to work in a collaborative, inspiring and creative environment.  We look forward to meeting you!

Sheree Rubinstein, Founder & CEO One Roof

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