Welcoming Men to One Roof


Why female centric co-working is so desirable, for both women and men.

We believe in diversity and inclusion which is why we are not a female only space, but a female centric space. We champion both women supporting women and men supporting women. Because of this the males that work within One Roof either strongly align and support our values or have a female founder onboard.

Everything we do and stand for is dedicated to reducing the entrepreneurial gender imbalance and to achieve this, men are crucial to the conversation. As such we want to celebrate our male members, who are some of One Roof’s biggest and most outspoken advocates. 


There are lots of challenges specific to women. Aside from women tending to be more risk-averse and undervaluing their abilities and achievements, women also have a lack of access to funding (despite businesses founded by women delivering higher revenue according to a 2018 BCG report!) 

We believe that female-centric coworking spaces are helping break the traditional work mould. And are helping give women more opportunity to feel confident alongside their male counterparts as they feel supported and respected. From the design of our space which is warm, welcoming and feels safe for women, to the design of our programs which are designed according to the unique challenges women face in business. At every touch point of the One Roof experience, we provide support and resources for our members to succeed. And the most exciting thing? We are attracting more and more male members who wholeheartedly support women in business and strive to see them succeed too.

But is the environment great for men too? Some of the men of One Roof recently caught up for dinner and Angus from Civically shared his experience with us "I honestly think being part of the inclusive One Roof community made us share and connect in ways we wouldn’t have done if we had met elsewhere. I reckon the best self care I’ve done this year is join One Roof.”

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