The Hidden Formula - The Female Founder Dinner Series

Last week we hosted the first dinner in a series of Female Founder dinners - a collaboration between One Roof and Microsoft for Startups.

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One Roof exists to create a space, community and platform for women to truly thrive in business. Co-working is just the start of it. What we are really good at as it the programming, the events, the facilitation and introductions. We create a safe space for women to share, ask questions, be vulnerable and support one another.

These dinners are the perfect formula - curated, invited only, exclusive and intimate gatherings in beautiful and unique locations with delicious food and ample wine. We have had so much success in the past. This is why we have partnered with Microsoft for Startups to host a dinner series over the next year with a different topic, attendees and guest speakers at each dinner.

The first one was focused on “emerging female founders.” We had such a great mix of founders in the room , everything from social enterprises, a superannuation fund run by women for women, fashion, food, products, marketplaces, collaboration tools and teams that are all remote and online.

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We started with a cocktail and went around the table of 20 founders. Each person had a chance to share who they are, what they do and one key truth or challenge they are facing that they are not talking about. One Founder who has spent a lot of time in San Fran suggested we also share what our skills are and how we can support others in the room (she said this is a very typical American thing to do) and so we added this in to the mix.

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We ate our way through entrees as we listened and shared our challenges and successes. We had time to connect with the people next to us and then after mains we took our glasses and napkins and moved around the room so we could talk and connect with new people.

There was a common theme in the room. Every Founder is navigating the immense highs and lows of entrepreneurial life. Managing through the rejection, lack of funding and resources, juggling being IN the business and working ON the business and navigating that feeling when the honey mood period dies and we realise we have been in business for 6,7,8 years and we start questioning whether we want a change, are we still as motivated as we were at the start, how do we feel after the sexiness of starting a business dies away. It was comforting to be reminded we are all going through similar challenges and on a similar journey no matter what stage of business we are at.

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It’s not often that women and founders take the time to nourish themselves and their needs. The Female Founder Dinner Series is an opportunity for Founders to focus inwards, nourish themselves and share the night with like-minded founders on their wavelength who can offer valuable insight and share relevant experiences.

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A massive shout out to Microsoft For Startups for partnering with us, making these dinners possible and for supporting female founders in our ecosystem. Microsoft For Startups work with startups to help open doors across the globe. Startups can leverage Microsoft’s cloud marketplace, enterprise sales team and rapidly growing partner ecosystem to reach customers globally. This is a game changer for so many early stage startups!

Thank you to Sarah, Founder of Gilbert House for capturing the night with your beautiful photography.

Stay tuned for a recap of our next dinner which will be focused on social entrepreneurship and impact startups.

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