Meet Cristina, founder of Cristina De Medrano Coaching and recently having been featured on a Tedx Talk in Barcelona.

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A short summary of what you are currently working on and why?

Right now I'm working on new group coaching workshops that will help people reach their goals, find their path to their purpose and bring it into their personal and professional lives. These workshops will take place at One Roof, in groups from 12 to 15 people. I'm also currently writing a book, that will be released in Spain in june 2019.

How did you go about preparing for your Tedx talk?

 When preparing my Tedx Talk it was clear to me what was the main idea I wanted to explore was ‘how we can all find our purpose in life’. But it was quite challenging to put all my journey and experiences together in a short speech of 15min. It took me time and effort, but the result was worth it!

How did you gain the courage to have a complete career change?

It was very hard to change my career. I had a lot of pressure around me not to do it, so it took me about 10 years to build the confidence and courage to make the change I always I wanted to do in my life. I had to build my confidence, connect to my heart, and overcome my fears to be able to take action.

Biggest tip for someone starting a business?

Mastery takes time, knowledge, and constant execution. Don't give up, and keep doing what you are doing, learn from your mistakes and take massive action. Action and failure will be your best teacher to reach your goals. Don't give up!

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?

One of the things that I love the most about One Roof is that I'm working in an environment full of strong, amazing, passionate women that fight for their goals and dreams. It brings me inspiration every day on how to grow my business. Working and networking with likeminded people with different talents makes me advance faster towards my goals.I also love the fact that there are always amazing workshops and social events that allow us to connect with other great entrepreneurs.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?

I love to do yoga, surf, read and run! I also love to connect with likeminded people and talk about ideas on how we could build a better world!

How can people get involved with what you're up to?

People are more than welcome to hire private coaching sessions with me, or get involved on the group coaching workshops that I will organize from march 2019! Will keep you posted on my website.

What have you found most rewarding about working for yourself and changing careers?

The most rewarding aspect of changing careers is that now my work has a meaning for me and for what I want to see in the world. I found my purpose in life, I love my work and despite the effort required to start your own business, I would never change it for anything in the world! I feel I'm now living my dream life.

Life motto?

Impossible is just an opinion!

And finally, is there anything else you'd like to share?

My passion is to help people to become fulfilled, passionate, happy people fighting for their dreams, leaving a legacy that will make this a better world. I would be very happy to work with anyone that thinks I can help them.


Find her on Facebook here, follow her on Instagram here, or check out her website here.

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