Meet Ash, founder of Genovate Consulting, a firm specialising in improving gender diversity in the workplace through the recruitment and placement of women into leadership, management and board roles for organisations throughout Australia


Meet Ash Navaratnam who has built a career in recruitment that spans over 10 years. Ash worked with some of the leading recruitment firms in Sydney and Melbourne. Having worked in both agency environment and RPO for Futurestep, Ash learnt the full scope of the recruitment world. Ash worked for leading Multinational organisations onsite as part of their recruitment teams, and quickly learnt that there was a need for strong female leadership candidates. Realising a gap in the market, the idea was born. And it wasn’t until the birth of her second child, that Ash decided to do something she was always passionate about — the recruitment of women to promote gender diversity and so Genovate Consulting was born in May 2015. Ash has been a valued member of One Roof for 3 years and continuously inspires the community on her mission to promote gender diversity in Organisations.

The theme for International Womens Day this year is #balanceforbetter. What does #balanceforbetter mean to you? How does Genovate encourage others to embody this?: #balanceforbetter is the reason I founded Genovate Consulting 4 years ago. It is about having a gender balanced workforce in our leadership teams, boardrooms and in Government. At Genovate we recruit and place only women into organisations to help them achieve a more gender balanced workforce. We work with organisations to showcase strong female talent in the market that exists and identify ways in which we can work together to build a future that is equitable. It really is an exciting time to be woman, a founder of business that is driving for balanced future and for Genovate Consulting.

A short summary of what you are currently working on and why?: We are working on a large volume of roles across Banking and Finance and Government to help increase the number of women shortlisted for roles.

Is there anything exciting you are working on over the next 2-3 weeks?: Everything we are working on is pretty exciting! Currently, I am probably most excited about speaking to a Leadership team of a Big 4 Bank about diversity and what strategies we could employ to help us increase the number of women specifically in technology.

Biggest tip for someone starting a business: Learn from your mistakes. Failures are not setbacks but a step forward.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?: I have been at One Roof for 3 years now and it has been instrumental in the growth of my business. I have benefited tremendously from the support of the community and wonderful women who run One Roof. I have had countless hours of advice that has been invaluable but also having the support to share in wins and losses has been incredible. Although now that we are often so busy, we don't get to interact as much as used to, I am forever grateful to this community on my journey with Genovate.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?: I am a mother of 2, ages 7, 4 so I guess i don't really have a lot of spare time. However, as a family we enjoy going out a lot, travelling and going to the footy. I am a mad Essendon fan and try to go to as many games as possible in the season. We also like to travel 2-3 times a year overseas and I literally work hard so I can play hard.

What have you found most rewarding?: Seeing my business grow has been the most rewarding experience. Having founded a business and working out of my bedroom to today working in a team of 3 with the largest ASX 200 and Fortune 500 companies and federal Government agencies is a real 'pinch me' moment.

Life motto: Work hard and play harder. Celebrate your wins. Be present as often as you can because life is too short to hold on to your past, your phone or grudges.


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