Member Spotlight: Lauren Brown


Lauren is the brains and Founder behind the infamous homecare solution for modern families, Nanager. 

Lauren has been apart of the One Roof community since the very beginning and it has been so inspiring watching her business grow.

From her early days trading under the name Lollaby to witnessing her fighting passion to transform the childcare and home solutions industries through Nanager. It is not every day you meet someone as strong-willed and hard working as Lauren.

Read her full interview below about how she is dealing with demand and her top tips for anyone starting a business.



Tell us about your business and why you started it?

Nanager combines quality childcare and effective home management to help working parents juggle a happy career alongside a happy home.

I started after working as a Nanny and seeing a major lack of quality within the industry. Nanager is a combination of my skills and passions that I've built because I wanted my hard work ethic to go into my own business instead of a large corporation.

Tell us  something exciting that's happening within your business:

As enquiries are coming in at such a fast rate Nanager is currently going through a big growth phase and I am expanding my team within the office, which is really exciting for us

And next week you can keep an eye out as I'm going to be a keynote speaker at a KPMG parent event!

What's your biggest tip for someone starting a business:

Give it time, an empire is not built overnight.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?

The community at One roof results in opportunity. The environment keeps me working because I've surrounded my inspiration every day.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?: 

I'm a social person so I like to be around my friends. Boardgames are a favourite spare time activity and dungeons and dragons is my little self-escape from reality.

Tell us about your team structure? 
It's simple: 70% employed, 30% contractors.

How do you manage scaling your team when your service is in demand?: 

I do it the old school way and simply put a job ad up, and ask people within my network if they know anyone matching. We also keep a Nanager applicant pool which comes in handy for these situations.

How do you make sure you hire the right people that can not only fulfil the work but also fit in with your team culture?:

This is a big deal to Nanager as our staff are the heart of our business, so we ensure that after the interview process that each arrangement involved a trial before we sign them permanently.

As a startup, sometimes it can be hard to let go of your baby and not micromanage your team. Have you ever experienced this? If so, what are your tips?:

Yes - a tip is to just get lazy.

I can burn out so I've learnt to let go naturally. So much more gets done and your delegation skills only get better with experience.

Whats your number one word of advice for anyone experiencing growth phase?

Talk to people further along than you for advice and guidance, and talk to your current team about operations.

If your team were reading this is there anything you'd like to say to them?: 

Keep telling me how we can improve. Where can we keep working smarter, not harder?

Life motto: 

Don't stress things you can't change, and accept that some people are idiots.


Visit Nanager online or follow them on socials: @Nanager_ and @NanagerMelbourne

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