Meet the social impact entrepreneurs of One Roof

Meet the social impact entrepreneurs of One Roof

All the women led businesses at One Roof are working tirelessly to build sustainable businesses and provide value to the world. All our members are incredibly passionate about what they do. Some of them go that extra mile to not only build sustainable businesses that provide value but they are leading social enterprises that aim to create meaningful and positive change for a cause they care deeply about.  

These women not only measure their businesses financial return but also the social impact.

So who are some of the social impact entrepreneurs of One Roof?

Sophie Weldon, Founder of Humankind Enterprises

Sophie's Mantra: Every story matters. Share yours.

When Sophie was 14 years old she became best friends with a former refugee from Sudan who opened up to her about how she fled on foot at 8 years old when the civil war broke & then spent the next 10 years escaping war and living in a refugee camp. Her story and their friendship inspired Sophie to find ways to help other people be connected and affected by the power of one, personal story. Through Humankind Enterprises Sophie is dedicated to reducing social isolation faced by older Australians through the power of storytelling. 

Anna Donaldson, Founder of Lively

Anna's Vision: No young or older person should ever feel unwanted or undervalued because of their age

Lively exists to build a better future in which all young and older people are supported to live meaningful, connected and fulfilling lives. Lively is underpinned by Anna's passion for supporting the personal development of young people & her deep respect for the experience, stories & wisdom of older individuals. 

At Lively they believe that by connecting the many things that young and older people have to offer each other, and by bringing them together to support each other, they can enhance young and older people’s sense of worth, value and inclusion in our community, and build a society that better supports and appreciates people of every age.

Madeleine Buchner, Founder of Little Dreamers Australia

Maddy's Passion: Supporting people often overlooked in the Australian community: young carers

With personal experience as a young carer to her younger brother Maddy and at just 15 years of age Maddy founded Little Dreamers Australia to improve the emotional & physical health & wellbeing & resilience of the 490,000 young carers currently living in Australia. She is an absolute powerhouse & inspiring speaker.

As one of 60 young people globally to be awarded the Queen Young Leaders award Maddy is set to meet the queen this year! 

Mariam Issa, Founder of the RAW Garden and Founding Partner of Space2b

Mission: Celebrate the uniqueness & aspirations of multicultural women

Mariam arrived in Melbourne from her Somali homeland in 1998 with her husband, 5 children & little knowledge of Australian life. Today she is a renowned motivational public speaker, author, storyteller, intercultural facilitator & founder of the RAW Garden supporting women through gardening, storytelling, crafts & cooking.

The RAW Garden is a community space with the aim to nurture and empower women through programs and events. Mariam is also a Founding Partner of Space2b, a social enterprise that supports new migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum through financial independence.

Madeleine Grummet, Cofounder of GirledWorld

Mantra: If you want to change a generation you start with the girls

Girledworld was born of a gap. Women continue to be vastly underrepresented in STEM, startups and corporate boardrooms across the country.

GirledWorld uses research-backed, experiential learning opportunities to empower, educate & equip secondary school-aged girls with enterprise skills, access to female leaders, & clear career pathways to STEM, startups & stepping up. 

Mandy Kota, Founder of Twnty Something

Passion: helping young women discover their self worth and purpose

Mandy is leading Twnty Something a movement to ignite the light in young women through an online community and face to face workshops in Melbourne. The next Twnty Something event is called Rekindle which focuses on how young women can bring any relationship back to life. Twnty Something will help young women navigate difficult relationships.

Liz Volpe, Cofounder of Project Gen Z

Vision: Inspire, educate and activate the next generation of world changers. 

Project Gen Z are a collective of Australia's leading entrepreneurs & CEOs who have joined forces to roll out Dare to Dream entrepreneurial workshops targeted at young people all over the world. Since 2015 this powerful movement of entrepreneurs have educated over 250 students in Cambodia, raised $250,000 and have inspired many students to further their education and start their own businesses.

And this is only a handful of the amazing entrepreneurs at One Roof! If you are interested in joining the community sign up for a one week free trial.

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