It's time to shake up your daily routine in 2018!

Shaking up your daily routine in 2018

So we are into our third week of 2018. You have likely had some time to take a step back, pause, reflect & set some new years resolutions. Perhaps you are thinking about shaking up your current routine? Perhaps you are feeling like you need a change of scenery, need to connect with new people, need to find new ways of enhancing productivity & minimising procrastination?

Let us make it easy for you.

Here are 3 reasons why you should try working from a co-working space like One Roof this year. 


#1 Affordable, flexible & shared resources
All you need to bring is yourself & a laptop. One Roof has the rest covered. We are the most competitive on price for any co-working space in or near the CBD. And you can come and go as you please. One Roof can fit into any routine.


#2 You don't have to work alone
Running your own business is an inherently isolating experience. But you don't have to feel alone. You can work in close proximity to other entrepreneurs, freelancers & creatives. It's as simple as going to the kitchen to make yourself a coffee & you can meet a new friend, collaborator or client. Entrepreneurs know that community & a strong network are key to business success. 


#3 Extensive business support under one roof
One Roof is a one-stop shop providing everything you need in order to thrive in business...all under one roof. This includes networking events, 1:1 consultations with experts, dinners with investors, meditation and mindfulness workshops & pitch nights. The One Roof Team takes the time to understand the needs of all our members & to tailor our support accordingly. 


So why not give it a go? We offer a one week free trial so you can get a sense of what it's like to work from a co-working space before committed to anything. Register below or share with friends. We look forward to working with & supporting you this year!

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