Creating an energised, productive and inclusive team culture is something many businesses struggle to achieve. At One Roof, we are lucky to have founders that not only inspire their teams, but have careful flags to ensure that they are doing all they can to ensure a positive working environment that allows both individuals and the team as a whole to flourish. 

Alison Hardacre – ATTITUDE over experience


Alison Hardacre – ATTITUDE over experience

Co-founder of HealthKit, Alison Hardacre, is adamant that “culture is about who we recruit”. Beyond experience, individuals should be willing to learn, remain easy-going, and apply logic and complexity to decision making. In a business that is rapidly growing, Alison stresses that people must be able to remain flexible and be resourceful in avoiding stress through seeing obstacles as opportunities and challenges, rather than impossibilities. 

In order to produce a community that works consistently, collaboratively, productively and enjoys work, “you avoid your gut at your peril” in the hiring process. Despite hiring for key characteristics, an inclusive environment with a variety of personalities from people with different backgrounds and interests can still be achieved and supported.

Alison believes that this inclusive community can still be achieved as HealthKit expands. As Healthkit rapidly grows, emphasis is placed on ensuring the Cork, Ireland contingent adopts the same level of team integrity. Through constant communication between the branches, such as the communication of social activities such as videos of putting up the Melbourne Office Christmas tree, the community spirit can remain alive despite distance.

It will be incredibly exciting to see the strong Health Kit community spirit remain alive and strong as they continue to thrive and grow!

Sheree Rubinstein – Leadership from behind 

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Our fearless leader and One Roof founder, Sheree Rubinstein, believes that people want purpose, ownership and flexibility in their work. 

“They want to know they are trusted and have the freedom to take ownership, make mistakes, learn, think for themselves and feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment…they also want to know and be part of the overall vision and mission of a company”.

Always setting a positive example and inspiring those around her to work to their greatest capacity, Sheree epitomises that good leadership leads from behind. 

“A good leader provides support and guidance. Listening, observing, asking lots of questions and giving people the opportunity to be heard.  Only stepping in to make important decisions when it's truly needed”.

And finally Sheree recognizes that people want flexibility and trust. 

“They want to know they don't need to be at work for face time. They are measured on outcomes not on the hours they spend at work and when they need to work remotely they can. Finally, acknowledgment, praise and feedback are so important in building a strong and positive team culture”.

Laynton Allan: Treat people how you want to be treated


Always a high-energy and welcoming presence at One Roof, co-founder of Kids Co Australia, Laynton Allan, breaks down his passionate philosophy on creating the ultimate team culture into the categories of hiring, inspiring your people, trusting your teammates and creating a fun environment.

In hiring, Laynton recognises the importance of placing significant value on character and chemistry, more significant than competence. Competence can be trained – the others can’t.

“If Bill Gates walked into an interview and presented as a complete jackass whom you couldn’t imagine yourself working together with on a daily basis. Don’t hire him. Despite his genius. You spend a significant portion of your waking hours at work. It’s critical to enjoy this time”.

To inspire people, there is a great need to generate purpose.

“Your colleagues should be passionate about the unified problem we are all trying to solve. Picture a person at a BBQ whom is proud to talk about the organisation they work with”.

 In order to trust your team mates, Laynton believes you require a combination of autonomy and mastery. “Respect always begets respect…you need to give your guys full reign to complete their tasks on their watch”. Autonomous action is further supported through the mastery element of giving individuals adequate coaching and platforms for personal growth; to be the best teammates they can be”. 

And finally, fostering a fun environment remains a fundamental feature of the Kids Co. team culture.

“Not only is fun enjoyable to be around, it improves communication and collaboration amongst the team. It attracts an audience and inspires productivity within.”


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