How my job enables me to deliver my passion?

How my job enables me to deliver my passion?

As the Events and Business Development Superstar at One Roof I have the opportunity to create memorable, pleasant and engaging experiences for our clients. You might be asking what I mean by that. I describe them as experiences that make you feel cared and safe, important and loved. In other words, awesome customer service is at the heart of what we do

Here are three main pillars that guide our job.

- Being genuine - My passion has always been to connect with others through affection and to share my spark and energy with the people around me. Through serving others authentically, I live my passion every day, and make our customers feel special and welcomed. 

- Being Empathic & Flexible with our clients - We are well acquainted with the tensions and stress that surrounds the coordination of events. Hence, we try to support our clients through this process and take care of each event as if it were our own. By being flexible we can accommodate to their needs and add simplicity to the process. For example, a client told me last week that what she loved the most about hosting her event at One Roof was the flexibility to move things around the space, use some of our decoration items and select her preferred caterer. All her requests were satisfied. One Roof really is a blank canvas bursting with potential. 

- Offering confidence and peace of mind to our clients - At the top of our priority list is to ensure that everything is ready for our clients before their event and that if things do not go according plan we are there to find a solution. We are customer centric in our approach and always find a suitable solution.

I feel what we do is simple and modest but creates great satisfaction for our clients and
for us.

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