Employees Thrive in Co-working Spaces

Did you know that employees thrive in co-working spaces?

How do we know this? Well we are quoting this directly from an article published in 2015 by Harvard Business Review called Why people thrive in co-working spaces.But, more importantly, we have seen it ourselves firsthand.

There are 3 key reasons we are seeing more and more companies sending their employees and remote workers to work from One Roof:

Increased motivation, creativity productivity

Working out of the office in an environment that is conducive to creativity and surrounded by business owners and entrepreneurs who are working hard encourages focus, motivation, new ideas and increases productivity.   

Increased support and collaboration

Employees and remote workers are better able to network, meet people and forge strong professional relationships. At One Roof we provide a full suite of support and opportunities to grow your network which employees can tap into.

Decreased costs

By sending employees to work in co-working spaces it reduces the overall cost of renting an office. One Roof is affordable and accessible providing all the perks of a usual office space including high speed internet, coffee and tea, meeting rooms, printing etc. 

At One Roof we work with forward thinking and innovative companies, corporations and high growth startups that recognise the way we work is drastically changing and that collaborative workspaces are becoming increasingly sort after by employees.


Our Business Immersion Program is an opportunity for employees, remote workers and corporate teams to get out of their office, work in a space and environment that encourages creative and innovative thinking all whilst being in close proximity to, and learning from, the start up community. 

At the end of March we welcomed the TOM Organic team. Their day at One Roof included a tour of the space and presentation by myself, cofounder and CEO, about my vision and journey of building One Roof. They had an opportunity to meet some One Roof members and participate in a mindfulness session facilitated by One Roof member Susie Hopkin, Founder of Thrive. The team were then able to have a productive day of team building, planning, strategising and presenting new ideas to one another.

 "It's so rare to come across a fearless leader in Sheree who so effortlessly attracts a collective of women who are equally as passionate about starting their own business."

"There is something magic that happened to the culture of our team during our session at One Roof and we have proudly taken it back with us to our offices"

"I'm not sure if it's the tea making for one another or a new sense of unconditional openness to new ideas but it's definitely shifted us. I highly recommend all female led businesses old and new get involved in One Roof. I know we'll be hanging around!"

Thanks for the kind words Aimee Marks, Founder & CEO of TOM Organic. You have always been an inspiration to us!

Pricing and format of the Business Immersion Program is generally tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. We can make suggestions based on what we have seen work successfully which can include a pilot program, ongoing access to office space and meeting rooms, a facilitated ideation workshops and curated internal events for your team.

Please email sheree@oneroofwomen.com if you want to know more.

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