Celebrating International Women's Day 2019 with Officeworks

We were very excited to be approached by Officeworks to participate in a video series celebrating International Women’s Day. Our Founder Sheree Rubinstein moderated two female founder panels, one focused on building self confidence and the other on how female founders deal with the ‘mental load’.


Building Self Confidence

Building self confidence was an interesting and honest conversation with three truly impressive female founders.

Ally Watson, Founder of Code Like A Girl spoke about confidence as a muscle “Confidence is a muscle. Over time that muscle is always being constantly used, strengthened, flexed. I think confidence as a business owner evolves over time but you have to keep flexing it.”

Shahirah Gardner, Cofounder of Finch reminded us that confidence doesn’t mean being good at everything “Confidence means being Ok with asking for help. It all comes back to knowing yourself, knowing your gaps, knowing your strengths and I think all of that adds to your confidence. It doesn’t mean being great at everything”

Penny Willoughby, Founder of Alatus shared her experience as a teacher and the gender stereotypes she sees play out in the classroom from such an early age when it comes to confidence “As a teacher I notice that in the classroom from a very young age girls will wait until they think they have the right answer before they contribute whereas often, and it’s a stereotype that is largely true, boys will just whatever is on their mind. As a teacher you have to be really conscious of almost encouraging the opposite behaviour.”

The Mental Load

Sheree chatted to three other female founders about the mental load, the feeling of complete overwhelm and how they balance work and life (if there is even such a thing!).

Alison Hardacre, Cofounder of Healthkit has become better at The juggle and the mental load over time “I have become better at the juggle over time. My business is 6 years old. I’m not dealing with the same issues as I was at the start. It’s no longer about the survival of the business. It’s about making it thrive”

Jodi Geddes, Cofounder of CircleIn has completely removed the phrase work / life balance from her world ”We have actually eliminated the phrase work life balance from our vocabulary. What we believe in is work life harmony. Looking at all parts of your life and making sure that whatever is important at that point in time is working for you… recognising where you are spending most of your time and being OK with that.”

Kate Pollard, Cofounder of CircleIn has taken active steps to deal with the mental load and feeling of overwhelm “I have divided up all the domestic duties with my husband which has made a huge difference… Often as women we take on that whole head of the household command position where you divvy out the tasks. But you actually want is your partner to equally share the tasks… rather than owning the master list yourself”

Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing humans in our lives and in our community who strive to achieve gender equality. If you want to join a community of hard working, passionate and daring people you can sign up for a one week free trial here.

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