Proving again that One Roof is more than just a workspace - on Monday 10 September we hosted our second BIZ DAY OUT; offering budding entrepreneurs and founders the opportunity to immerse themselves in the goal-kicking, supportive and just-plain-fun One Roof community for the day. 

Aware of the importance of starting the day productively, the day began with participants being able to grab a desk and just get sh*t done. 


A Monday morning tradition for all One Roof members, at 11am Biz Day Out participants were invited to join the One Roof Team for Coffee on Us; an opportunity to connect with other members, caffeinate and avoid the isolation that can occur for entrepreneurs and start-ups.


In a lunch ‘n’ learn workshop on how to craft your ‘Founding Myth’ by Storytelling specialist Merrilee McCoy, participants were invited to learn the importance for entrepreneurs of forming an engaging founding story, and the way this helps shape the values of their business. 


One Roof knows that productivity is promoted through a strong sense of mental well-being and self-awareness. In the afternoon, participants were given the opportunity to join One Roof Members for a 20-minute Guided Meditation session with Susie from Lilo Wellness – and the results were instantaneous with participants then able to knock out a successful afternoons work!


Of course it would be rude not to treat participants to the usual Friday afternoon tradition; an end of the day Wine Down. Not only is this a great way for Members to network and get to know each other in a relaxing environment (not to mention we support any excuse for cheese); at One Roof we love the opportunity to hear from our members, answer any questions and hear what more you would like help with in order to grow your business. 


If you want to get the most out of your work space and actually learn to enjoy work whilst increasing productivity, keep a look out for future events where you can experience a BIZ DAY OUT, one-day opportunity to get a sense of the space and community. 



And a HUGE THANK YOU to our Biz Day Out Sponsor MYOB.

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