Say hello to Christina Hobbs, Co-Founder behind Verve Super.

Following being awarded an MYOB sponsored dedicated desk at One Roof after winning the Female Founder Pitch Night, we could not be more excited to feature the amazing Christina on our blog!


Christina is a former Management Consultant with expertise in financial services strategy. She has worked as a humanitarian and financial inclusion expert for the United Nations for over a decade. She is an experienced Board Director in the superannuation industry, a former Board Director of the Global Women's Project and a published author on gender equality.

A short summary of what your business is and why you started it?

Verve Super is Australia's first superannuation fund for women and is led by women. Australian women retire on average with half the superannuation of men and that is what Verve is here to change. Verve is Australia's only superannuation fund dedicating 100% of its focus, dedication and attention to building the financial power of women, our three Co-Founders - Alex, Zoe and Chrissy have spent much of their careers dedicated to this task.

Is there anything exciting you are working on over the next 2-3 weeks or any big wins that you would like us to highlight?

We launched on Monday the 3rd of December and winning the MYOB Vic Start Up women's start up award was a great bonus! We also had an amazing launch week with some great coverage in Fairfax, Sunrise and ABC Business. But now it's time to get to work, we'd love to get more great women (and men) to join our fund before Christmas so that we can get ready for a great 2019. So we are working hard on servicing our community and welcoming our new members.

Biggest tip for someone starting a business?

Know your purpose and be clear to yourself on why your business is important, because on tough days the higher purpose is the only thing pulling you through.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?

It's been so great, to get out of my spare room and into a space filled with positive women, and men. On the toughest days, I feel instantly better when I walk through the One Roof doors.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?

I've only recently moved to Melbourne, so it's been fun exploring the city. I love bushwalking and skiing, so looking forward to my first weekend off so that I can head to the mountains.

How can people get involved with Verve Super?

Join our fund, we're a great ethical super fund and we offer free financial guidance, online coaching, events and webinars for women. We also take a stance and don;t invest in companies which are known to abuse or exploit women in their supply chains or exclude women from the most senior levels of leadership. We already have an amazing community of supportive women which is growing every day and we'd love some more One Roofers to join the fund! If you want to join the discussion, jon the closed facebook group: 'Women With Verve Talk Money and Life!' or try our free 3 step money programme, you can sign up on our website

What have you found most rewarding about starting Verve Super?

The stories of every day women have been amazing. Just this morning we were chatting in our Facebook group about the financial issues facing women getting a divorce, it's great to see members already supporting members after only one week! we've also had great feedback about our online coaching resources with some messages from members that they've already taken great actions to improve their financial management. This empowerment of women is what Verve is all about!

And finally, is there anything else you'd like to share?

Keep an eye in the new year for Verve's first Melbourne based event!

Life motto?

We rise by lifting others.


Find her on Facebook here, follow her on Instagram here, or check out her website here.


In case you missed it we hosted a Female Founder Pitch Night this week. A Massive collaboration between MYOB, Startup Vic and One Roof. 

With well over 500 registrations, it was exciting and the room was buzzing. MYOB were blown away by the number of people in their event space. 


As you may have heard me say many times before One Roof is SO MUCH MORE than a co-working space. We exist to foster an environment that gives women-led businesses the greatest chance of success. Hosting networking events, pitch nights and creating a platform for women to be seen and heard are just some of the many things we do to support our members and the broader female founder community to success. 

Nearly 100 female founders applied to pitch. As Startup Vic can attest to, this is a phenomenal number and well in excess of any other pitch night. Because we were so overwhelmed with applications and registrations we decided to host a Pre-Event with the intention of capitalising on this opportunity, sparking conversion and galvanising people into action to back a female founder. 


We invited all Female Founders who submitted an application to attend and be ready to share what they need. We also invited a cross section of the broader community; established startups, mentors and advisors, investors, accelerators, corporate and government to attend ready to celebrate and support female founders. We facilitated speed networking and strongly encouraged the community to back a woman-led business. The support that was committed included mentoring, pitch training and curated introductions to potential clients and partners. 

Lots of connections were made. Loads of support was offered. Action was taken which is exactly what we wanted to see. 

We also leveraged from the pre-event as an opportunity to do a 'live mapping' exercise of all the Female Partners, that is, organisations in our ecosystem who specifically support female founders and women and girls. They each had 60 seconds to do a 'reverse pitch' to the room. We heard from an incredible array of Female Partners including Springboard, Scale Investors, One Roof, Girls in Tech, GirledWorld, The League of Extraordinary Women, Atto, Wade Institute, She Starts and SheEO.

The pre-event was a great prelude to the main pitch night. 10 female founders pitched for the main prize which included $5k cash from LaunchVic, sponsored desk space at One Roof thanks to MYOB, and a host of other prizes thanks to Startup Vic’s industy partners. 


They had 3 minutes to pitch with question time from the judges. We had a diverse range of judges on the night; Kerri Lee Sinclair, Kristen Holden, Georgia Beattie, Sarah Holloway and Evgeny Tchebotarev. They are all successful founders and investors across Australia and internationally. They were able to strike the perfect balance of being both encouraging and also asking challenging questions.

We also opened up the opportunity for 5 female founders to give a 60 second pitch with no slides and no judges questions. They pitched to win sponsored desk space with One Roof. 

Congratulations to the winners of the One Roof sponsored desk space. This is an amazing opportunity to support early stage women-led businesses providing them with a home for 12 months and a supportive community to tap into. A BIG thank you to MYOB and in particular Kristen Holden and Basil Adamou. They are sponsoring the opportunity for female founders to have desk space at One Roof for the next 12 months and they will be providing mentorship and expert support as they grow their start ups. This support is absolutely crucial in the early stages of a start up!

The winners were: 

  • Annie McAuly, Founder of TalkiPlay engaging children in hands-on exploration of their world through play to accelerate a child’s understanding of language

  •  Kaye Price, Cofounder of Donor Plus informing, empowering and supporting living kidney donors

  • Wei Sue, Cofounder of Navi Medical Technologies, helping children achieve brighter and healthier futures through medical innovations

  • Christina Hobbs, Cofounder of Verve Super, Australia’s first super fund for women by women

  • Zoe Milgrom, Cofounder of Eugene, you can make smart, healthy choices with their at-home genetic tests

  • The People’s Choice winner was Zoe Condliffe, Founder of She’s A Crowd, using technology to shares women’s stories   

And the overall winner was….. 

Verve Super

They blew the room away with their pitch. Everyone was cheering. A super fund for women was clearly important to every single person in the room. 

 We hosted this pitch night because we want to create a platform for female founders to be seen and be heard. We wanted to shine a spotlight on female founders, their courage, their businesses and their success. There is still a persisting gender gap in entrepreneurship and startup. Women experience entrepreneurship differently to their male counterparts. The expectations on men and women differ. We are still surprised to see women in positions of leadership or influence. We still struggle to find women in investment and women-led startups still struggle to access funding.

It’s time to create real, meaningful change. 

The Female Founder Pitch Night is just one of many steps we take to create positive lasting change. 

Stay tuned for what is to come in 2019. It is going to be a BIG year for female founders!

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended.

With gratitude,

Sheree Rubinstein, Founder and CEO of One Roof.

If you want to experience the One Roof Co-working Space that supports such amazing female founders, register for your free week trial here.

Photo Credit: Kwanghui Lim





Creating an energised, productive and inclusive team culture is something many businesses struggle to achieve. At One Roof, we are lucky to have founders that not only inspire their teams, but have careful flags to ensure that they are doing all they can to ensure a positive working environment that allows both individuals and the team as a whole to flourish. 

Alison Hardacre – ATTITUDE over experience


Alison Hardacre – ATTITUDE over experience

Co-founder of HealthKit, Alison Hardacre, is adamant that “culture is about who we recruit”. Beyond experience, individuals should be willing to learn, remain easy-going, and apply logic and complexity to decision making. In a business that is rapidly growing, Alison stresses that people must be able to remain flexible and be resourceful in avoiding stress through seeing obstacles as opportunities and challenges, rather than impossibilities. 

In order to produce a community that works consistently, collaboratively, productively and enjoys work, “you avoid your gut at your peril” in the hiring process. Despite hiring for key characteristics, an inclusive environment with a variety of personalities from people with different backgrounds and interests can still be achieved and supported.

Alison believes that this inclusive community can still be achieved as HealthKit expands. As Healthkit rapidly grows, emphasis is placed on ensuring the Cork, Ireland contingent adopts the same level of team integrity. Through constant communication between the branches, such as the communication of social activities such as videos of putting up the Melbourne Office Christmas tree, the community spirit can remain alive despite distance.

It will be incredibly exciting to see the strong Health Kit community spirit remain alive and strong as they continue to thrive and grow!

Sheree Rubinstein – Leadership from behind 

Founder blog 5.jpg

Our fearless leader and One Roof founder, Sheree Rubinstein, believes that people want purpose, ownership and flexibility in their work. 

“They want to know they are trusted and have the freedom to take ownership, make mistakes, learn, think for themselves and feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment…they also want to know and be part of the overall vision and mission of a company”.

Always setting a positive example and inspiring those around her to work to their greatest capacity, Sheree epitomises that good leadership leads from behind. 

“A good leader provides support and guidance. Listening, observing, asking lots of questions and giving people the opportunity to be heard.  Only stepping in to make important decisions when it's truly needed”.

And finally Sheree recognizes that people want flexibility and trust. 

“They want to know they don't need to be at work for face time. They are measured on outcomes not on the hours they spend at work and when they need to work remotely they can. Finally, acknowledgment, praise and feedback are so important in building a strong and positive team culture”.

Laynton Allan: Treat people how you want to be treated


Always a high-energy and welcoming presence at One Roof, co-founder of Kids Co Australia, Laynton Allan, breaks down his passionate philosophy on creating the ultimate team culture into the categories of hiring, inspiring your people, trusting your teammates and creating a fun environment.

In hiring, Laynton recognises the importance of placing significant value on character and chemistry, more significant than competence. Competence can be trained – the others can’t.

“If Bill Gates walked into an interview and presented as a complete jackass whom you couldn’t imagine yourself working together with on a daily basis. Don’t hire him. Despite his genius. You spend a significant portion of your waking hours at work. It’s critical to enjoy this time”.

To inspire people, there is a great need to generate purpose.

“Your colleagues should be passionate about the unified problem we are all trying to solve. Picture a person at a BBQ whom is proud to talk about the organisation they work with”.

 In order to trust your team mates, Laynton believes you require a combination of autonomy and mastery. “Respect always begets respect…you need to give your guys full reign to complete their tasks on their watch”. Autonomous action is further supported through the mastery element of giving individuals adequate coaching and platforms for personal growth; to be the best teammates they can be”. 

And finally, fostering a fun environment remains a fundamental feature of the Kids Co. team culture.

“Not only is fun enjoyable to be around, it improves communication and collaboration amongst the team. It attracts an audience and inspires productivity within.”


If you want to experience the sorts of amazing team cultures that have been inspired by such incredible influences as Alison, Sheree and Laynton, register for your free week trial here.


Scale Up. A day to boost your business

On Friday 23 November, One Roof opened its doors to small businesses to step out of the day to day of their business to work ON their business. Scale up was curated with all the tools and resources to help creative businesses thrive. 

The day began with the ScaleUp Founder Breakfast with StartUp Vic. Moderated by Georgia Beattie, an intimate discussion with Alison Hardacre and Heidi Holmes looked at how to establish credibility as an entrepreneur, how to scale, how to take your business global, and more. Amazing food and even more amazing founders, what a way to start the day! 


Attendees were then treated to an Intellectual Property (IP) Workshop lead by Fiona from Girl Friday IP. The workshop walked participants through IP in general and more specifically, trade marks and branding. Fiona was able to take the scary and too hard basket out of intellectual property and following the workshop, helpfully stayed back to answer all further questions. With fantastic advice and a really approachable persona, we hope this isn’t the last we see of Fiona at One Roof! 

Following the workshop, participants were then able to grab a desk in our co-working space or have a 1:1 consult on business accounting. 


Tackling the difficulties of dealing with contractors and employment law, an afternoon workshop saw Catherine Brooks discuss the difference between an employee and contractor, how to engage the right people in compliance with employment law and the obligations you owe to your employees and contractors. Catherine is a senior employment lawyer, accredited specialist in workplace relations, associate director and strategy advisor to fast growth businesses and clients of Law Squared. An amazing workshop enabling founders with the tools to focus on growth and profitability whilst still living out their creative dreams. 

And of course it wouldn’t be a true One Roof experience without ending the day with Wine Down, an opportunity to meet One Roof members and connect over wine, cheese and good conversation.  


A HUGE thank you to Scale Up’s sponsor MYOB, who without, this amazing day of allowing businesses to thrive could not have occurred or run so smoothly.  


Sign up to our newsletter here to stay connected regarding opportunities, events, business resources and One Roof member updates OR register here for a free trial to experience the One Roof community for yourself. 


Say hello to Bec Lloyd, the Founder and brains behind Rowboat.


Besides being an all-round legend, Bec is a Human-Centered Design Professional with expertise in applying Design Thinking tools to transform businesses by creating powerful, positive and memorable experiences. 

She runs Rowboat where Ben is her right-hand man. This powerful duo and their crew have had a very impressive list of clients in their first year of sailing. 

If you're wondering what exactly is Human-Centered Design, fear not, we were too. Which is why we asked her all the questions! 

To get to know more about Rowboat and HCD keep reading!

Tell us about your business and why you started it?

Rowboat is your Human-Centered Design (HCD) Crew! But what is HCD I hear you say? It's a method that allows us to help organisations learn from their customers and their people. It involves deep research techniques, synthesis, fun ideation workshops and fast prototypes. Rowboat is 1.5 years old and I set it up after the '7 year itch' hit me while I was consulting with PwC. Rowboat works with large corporates to help them learn HCD techniques and we also run end-to-end HCD projects.

Tell us about what you're working on now and what we should be looking out for:

We're extremely fortunate to be working with some of the largest sporting organisations in the world to help them learn from their customers and re-design aspects of their offer. 

What's your tip for someone starting a business?

You don't need as much cash as you think you do to set up a company! Rowboat had a website, logo, legal structure and business cards for less than $2k.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?: 

The One Roof community is the wind that propels the Rowboat! Honestly, I've met such wonderful people that I now consider my colleagues and friends that keep us going! And on a very practical note, One Roof has a wonderful event space that we often use for large workshops and Stevie always knows when I need a chocolate brownie.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?

Spare time?! Jokes. With wonderful Ben on board I have plenty of time to hang out with my partner Donna and our little pup Howie. I love exploring Australia (I'm English and have been here 4.5 years so plenty left to see!), scuba diving (I spent 5 weeks on the Ningaloo reef doing my Dive Master qualification so please do ask me about Diving!) and of course avo on toast.

 "We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time."

Now, before we get into the technical stuff. Can you tell us exactly what Human-centered design is?

HCD is a mindset and a set of tools that allows you to put your customers and your people at the heart of your organisation. HCD involves intentional phases of ‘divergent’ and ‘convergent’ thinking. The activities involved in HCD are generally broken up into the four categories of Discovery, Synthesis, Ideation and Prototyping.

If HCD is all about putting your customer at the heart of your business, what's your advice for discovering who our customer is if were unsure or for finding new audiences?

I'd advise you to get out there and SPEAK to your potential customers! I'm always blown away when I speak to businesses that are 1-2 years old and haven't yet got up close and personal with their customers! Spend as much time as you possibly can with them without getting arrested.

To help our readers better understand HCD, can you tell us about how you have applied HCD to client project and the benefit you saw?: 

We worked with the International Cricket Council to help them better understand their 'non cricket' audience so they could design an offer and product for them. It was amazing to see all the 'ah hah' moments along the way! Cricket is a very complex sport so by getting the project team out having conversations with people that are not interested in cricket (yet) and by testing ideas very cheaply by drawing sketches and testing them rather than investing millions in development we were able to save a lot of money and really reduce the risk of launching a product that nobody wanted.


Find her on Facebook here, follow her on Instagram here. Let's face it HCD is not something that is easy to explain but head to their socials to see what it's all about!



Say hello to Fiona Hagger, the Founder behind Finer Space.

Profile Pic.jpeg

Fiona is a One Roof member and the founder of Finer Space. She hails from the fine island of Tasmania; is a fierce adventuress and lover of all things wild and free. Her favourite colour is a deep dark shade of red, which incidentally reminds her of wine. Fiona also values functional design rather highly (dresses with pockets, please). On a Sunday morning you will find her slowly devouring a story over a bottomless pot of tea. And, of course, she is a a great appreciator of meaningful art and is endlessly grateful to our creatives for presenting the world to us through another lens.

Fiona appreciates that although we may find this artistic lens to be at times confronting, it may be inspirational, sometimes fun and engaging, or perhaps it may feel familiar and real. She believes our lives are enriched and often better understood through great art. Accordingly, she firmly believes that everybody should feel that they can access, appreciate and acquire authentic artworks (just as everyone should feel that they can conveniently access a pocket). And this is the basis of why she wanted to create Finer Space.

A short summary of what Finer Space and why you started it?

Finer Space is an online platform that offers high quality fine art prints, designed by emerging Australian artists and printed by artisans in Brunswick. I have a dual aim of promoting and supporting our artists, and providing a more accessible avenue to purchase wonderful artworks.

It often came up in conversation with people that they would ask me questions around how they could find art, and on the other hand, I know some incredibly talented emerging artists who were wondering how to sell their artwork. It seemed to me to be a logical leap to create a site where both desires could be fulfilled at once. The more mainstream print sites are cheap, mass-produced, factory made prints with thousands of average images to choose from... I wanted to create something of extremely high quality, created locally with care and love, that celebrates our artists.

Is there anything exciting you are working on over the next 2-3 weeks or any big wins that you would like us to highlight?

Is winding down for Christmas considered exciting? I’m excited for it! Sales will close on the 6th of December to ensure all artworks reach their new owners by Christmas.

What is your biggest tip for someone starting a business?

Try not to get too emotionally invested in a particular idea or way of doing something. Have a ‘why’ or purpose to your business, and then test ideas and methods, seek feedback, refine, and do it all again. Be flexible and open to constructive suggestions. Resist stagnation. Appreciate failure.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?

Everything? Yep, pretty much everything about One Roof makes working there preferable to tapping away on my laptop alone at my kitchen table. I’ve never worked in such a supportive, encouraging, friendly and mature environment before – it’s such a wonderful community to be a part of and hugely motivating.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?:

Any of the following at any time and in any amount: literature; the sea; olives; oil painting; the modern art era; shacks; my family; rational thinking; Sigur Rós; old growth forests; and Mosel Valley riesling.

How can people get involved with Finer Space?

Well I’ll start with our website – it’s a rather beautifully clean and calm affair designed by graphic designer Douglas Hagger – pop over to perve on some sexy artworks. We’re getting into the social stuff – you can find us on facebook and, in particular, instagram. But the form of Finer Space’s communication I’m most passionate about is The John Dory, our wee ‘newsletter’. I enjoy writing and poking around issues to achieve a deeper or broader understanding. An artist’s ‘why’ is often fascinating and can provide great insight into their work, which in turn will often make you look at a piece of their art or an issue in a completely different way. The John Dory has rather unintentionally become an avenue to pursue this interest in greater depth through interviews with artists. I’d recommend signing up to the John Dory if you want to get to the crux of what Finer Space is all about. 

Beyond Finer Space is the broader issue of showing appreciation and support of committed and talented artists and artisans. They do, and always have done, form an essential part of society and culture, and are often undervalued. Involvement can range from buying their work, to visiting exhibitions and creative spaces, annual art school graduate shows, festivals, and art fairs… or even just telling an artist that you love their work.

What have you found most rewarding about starting Finer Space?

Definitely the time I spend working with our artists. I really can’t speak highly enough of these excellent beings. They are all (as many artists are) deeply dedicated to their practice, and are so adept at their respective mediums. But beyond this, they are genuinely such kind and decent humans. And far too humble to readily acknowledge their innate and learned artistic skill, which is where I come in. 

As mentioned above, my ‘why’ of Finer Space is not only to provide greater accessibility to wonderful art, but to also help promote and support emerging artists. And it’s definitely the latter part that gets me out of bed in the morning. I believe absolutely in their ability, and anything I can do to help these talented and wonderful people is deeply rewarding.

And finally, what is your life motto?

Emerson’s ‘Life is about the journey, not the destination’. It’s not a saying I’ve consciously styled my existence around, but I find it to be an apt descriptor of my life so far. I’ve never been one to pursue something specifically for an end result if it means a life of drudgery and/or compromising my values to get there, and this has often meant that I’ll arrive at things in a rather round-about way! But hey, you can’t put a price on life experience. Another potential motto?


Find her on Facebook here, follow her on Instagram here, or check out her website here.

Paving The Way. A night of laughter, an honest amount of swearing & huge dose of inspiration.


You may have heard us mention before that One Roof is much more than a co-working space. We exist to foster an environment that gives women-led businesses the greatest chance of success. Curated introductions, hosting events, creating platforms for people to network and inviting successful entrepreneurs to inspire and educate are just some of the many ways One Roof supports our members and elevates the broader community to success.

OneRoof MLB - Nov 2018_07 copy.jpg

On Tuesday the 27th of November we hosted Paving The Way. While One Roof prides itself on paving the way for women in business, we wanted to hear from other entrepreneurs who are paving the way in their own industries. So we invited four of the most impressive and successful entrepreneurs we know who are trailblazers, shaking it up, doing things differently and building successful companies with profound impact.

Justin Dry, Cofounder of Vinomofo. Cyan Ta’eed, Cofounder of Hey Tiger and Envato. Hannah Spilva & Verity Tuck, Cofounders of LVLY.

OneRoof MLB - Nov 2018_03 copy.jpg

And they absolutely rocked the room! They brought the perfect balance of being engaging, witty and humble. In fact, at times they were absolutely hilarious and had the whole room in fits of laughter.

Before we even delved into what they do and how they build their businesses, we asked them to share who are they as human beings. What are their passions, hobbies, quirks, what excites them, annoys them, all the things that make them human. There was a common theme around being born into entrepreneurial families (Particularly Justin and Hannah) and see the highs and lows of entrepreneurial life from a young age. They all love time with their partners and families, the simple things like watching movies and going to the gym.

OneRoof - Paving the Way Event 2018_138 copy.jpg

Failure was, of course, brought up many times in the conversation. Justin reminded all of us that most successful entrepreneurs go through a multitude of businesses (at least 5 or 6) before they hit a successful one. Hannah and Verity spoke about the importance of failure. If you’re not failing then you’re not doing enough to move yourself forward. Failure is brutal but often crucial to the entrepreneurial journey.

OneRoof MLB - Nov 2018_02 copy.jpg

You are not your business. Your ideas and the success of what you do does not define your self worth

This was a HUGE topic thanks to Justin! Most Founders tie their entire existence and identity to their business and if their business fails then they fail as a human being. It takes a lot of courage and personal development to really be able to detach yourself and your identity from your business.

Our favourite topic of conversation was acknowledging the bullsh*t (there was a lot of swearing on the night!) phrase of work / life balance. If we are striving for work / life balance it just doesn’t exist. There is just LIFE. What works for one person may not work for someone else. We are all different and should live life according to what makes us happy. Of course, as Cyan aptly pointed out, self-care is what is most important particularly for founders.

We spoke about the future and Cyan shared her vision for Hey Tiger being a recognised leader in how a business can be a successful for purpose social enterprise.

OneRoof - Paving the Way Event 2018_86 copy.jpg

Hannah and Verity were asked a question from the audience about business partnerships. Having complimentary skillsets, setting ground rules early on and being able to communicate openly, honestly and most importantly to be able to have the HARD conversations, are crucial to a successful partnership. Hannah and Verity actually shared a wage between them when Hannah was waiting for her work visa. Now that is a strong business partnership!

Another question from the audience was around how to decide whether an opportunity is a genuine opportunity or simply a cover for a distraction. Cyan’s advice was spot on. It’s all in the metrics. You need to think about and work out what success would look like and what you hope to gain from that opportunity. Consider metrics and look at the numbers and don’t forget to go with your gut. Hannah also spoke about the importance of going with your intuition:

Everyone will give you unsolicited advice. Listen to everything everyone has to say but ignore 90% of it. Go with your gut and what’s going to work for you.

They were all really good sports when it came to the fun facts and rapid fire questions. We all learnt that Justin has a love for islands and visualises wearing a superhero cape when he is doubting himself. Cyan has highlighted her way through Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris and when she was 12 she played a bald monk in the Australian Opera's production of Turandot. Hannah’s role model is her dad and Verity lives by the mantra Grit. Grace. Gratitude. They both encouraged everyone in the room to own their impact. It's okay to hold your hand up and say you did something awesome. Celebrate your wins and pat yourself on the back.

OneRoof - Paving the Way Event 2018_88 copy.jpg

What an EPIC Night!

A BIG thank you to RedZed Lending Solutions for partnering with us and sponsoring this event. A great company and a pleasure to work with.

Sign up for a one week free trial with One Roof to get a sense of the space, our community and the business support we provide.

Your success is our obsession!


Say hello to Liz Volpe, the Founder behind Ambisie


Tell us about Ambisie and why you started it?

Well, Project Gen Z is an enterprise I formed in 2015. It happened because of a trip I took to Cambodia and was in orphanage talking to girl about her crazy story of being trafficked. After I left, I never felt right and I always wanted to get back there. I sat with it for a few years, I went through a stage of 'well, what can I do?'. But I had a lightbulb moment. I knew how to run a business so I decided to put this to use through dare to dream workshops. I gathered entrepreneurs to come together to pass on entrepreneurial life skills to see if it has any impact. We have measured the impact and it is truly amazing.

Ambisie. The idea for this came from Project Gen Z. Right now we run workshops across Australia. But the problem with Project Gen Z is it is really hard to scale. Any time we put an inspirational speaker in front of students there is a measured impact. But I knew to have a worldwide impact, it would involve technology (and I hate it!). So Ambisie is a platform that will list inspirational, talented and skilled speakers from all around world. It asks them to give 1 hour of their time and and go into schools to share their story. Ambisie is the first platform that gives schools accessibility to incredible people no matter where they are.

Tell us about YOU, what do you like doing when you unplug from work?

I'm a mum of two (2, 5). Lots of family time at home and outside and in the park. And I do latin dancing for exercise.

Is there anything exciting you are working on over the next 2-3 weeks or any big wins that you would like us to highlight?

The big thing for us right now is our documentary, "Generation inspired". It features lots of amazing people that talk about how they felt finishing school, fears they had, and how they tapped into passion to find their purpose. We've got some really amazing people, Nathan Chan (Foundr Magazine), Kayla Itsines (Sweat With Kayla) and many more. It launches to 9,000 schools in February.

What do you find beneficial when it comes to working from a co-working space such as One Roof?

I love it. It feels like the best of both worlds. You can get into your own zone and work but also have breaks and be surrounded by supportive and incredibe people that push you to be a better version of yourself. Plus I work in a space with kids where we talk about the future of work. The next generation wants flexibility- and coworking is the answer to that.

How can people get involved with Ambisie?

Anyone can click onto and sign up to give 1 hour of your year. Each time someone gives 1 hour we track the impact so they can see the impact they're making on the world.

What have you found most rewarding about starting Ambisie?

Watching young people transform by something as simple as sharing a story.

And finally, what is your biggest tip for someone starting a business?

Action! My motto is daring to dream. Dream, and then just take the first step.


Find her on Facebook here, follow her on Instagram here, or check out her website here.

Where are all the women?!

An article in the AFR last week shows that not only is the % of women in the Young Rich List stubbornly low, it's gone backwards.

Carol Schwartz describes one of the key issues perfectly "There’s a huge structural issue in venture capital markets. A very small percentage of funds are invested in [female-owned] start-ups and that’s a global phenomenon... ”

We need more women on this list!

On Tues, 27 Nov I am moderating Paving the Way held at One Roof Women with an impressive lineup of speakers: Justin Dry, Hannah Silva, Verity Tuck and Cyan Ta’eed (who represents women on the Young Rich List!). Tickets via:

And the month of November is dedicated to celebrating female founders in our ecosystem. This will culminate into a massive female founder pitch night hosted as a collaboration between MYOB, One Roof Women, Startup Victoria and Startup Grind on Tues, 4 Dec. Thanks to MYOB winners will receive 12 months of sponsored desk space at One Roof. Apply to pitch & register to attend via:


To see our amazing founder Sheree Rubinstein tell us about the night and join in on celebrating other female founders, watch this clip:

And we will be celebrating women again at the Startup Grind Conference on 6 & 7 Dec!

This is just some of the many ways we are working hard to drive change for women.

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Welcoming Men to One Roof


Why female centric co-working is so desirable, for both women and men.

We believe in diversity and inclusion which is why we are not a female only space, but a female centric space. We champion both women supporting women and men supporting women. Because of this the males that work within One Roof either strongly align and support our values or have a female founder onboard.

Everything we do and stand for is dedicated to reducing the entrepreneurial gender imbalance and to achieve this, men are crucial to the conversation. As such we want to celebrate our male members, who are some of One Roof’s biggest and most outspoken advocates. 


There are lots of challenges specific to women. Aside from women tending to be more risk-averse and undervaluing their abilities and achievements, women also have a lack of access to funding (despite businesses founded by women delivering higher revenue according to a 2018 BCG report!) 

We believe that female-centric coworking spaces are helping break the traditional work mould. And are helping give women more opportunity to feel confident alongside their male counterparts as they feel supported and respected. From the design of our space which is warm, welcoming and feels safe for women, to the design of our programs which are designed according to the unique challenges women face in business. At every touch point of the One Roof experience, we provide support and resources for our members to succeed. And the most exciting thing? We are attracting more and more male members who wholeheartedly support women in business and strive to see them succeed too.

But is the environment great for men too? Some of the men of One Roof recently caught up for dinner and Angus from Civically shared his experience with us "I honestly think being part of the inclusive One Roof community made us share and connect in ways we wouldn’t have done if we had met elsewhere. I reckon the best self care I’ve done this year is join One Roof.”

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